Friday, July 3, 2015

What's Sparkly, White and Blue, Has a Baltimore Skyline and A Love Crab? Sherri and Curt's Invitations, That's What!

The Fourth of July has always been a special holiday to me. For many of the same reasons that I love Thanksgiving, this holiday is a great, non gift related and family filled reason to celebrate the lives that we are able to live freely.

So, on that note, welcome to Fourth of July weekend! Hopefully you are reading this while heading off to somewhere fun, or getting ready to pack up for some fun firework festivities in the next few days.

Whatever your plans may be, in celebration of this red, white and blue occasion, we wanted to share with you one of our blue, white and sparkle creations!

Sherri and Curt got married last year at the Historic Star Spangled Banner Flag House in Baltimore, MD. They are an amazing couple, full of adventure and caring. I've known Sherri for quite a while and I was thrilled when they contacted me to create their invitations. This creative pair pretty much knew exactly what they wanted. They requested a blue backing, a border of sparkle, and then for the main invitation layout, they had hopes of alluding to the baltimore location. They wanted to include a hint of the Baltimore skyline, and "if possible" a crab. Well, of course it was possible!
One of the first elements that we designed was the crab logo, that not only uses a heart shape for the body, but also incorporates the couple's initials and the year of their wedding. It's crabby love!
If you love this crab logo, we have a few varieties that are customizable in our Etsy shop!
Photo Courtesy of Megan Brodie Photography
Aren't their rings lovely? 
Sherri and Curt wanted to keep things current and convenient for their guests, and included a hashtag along with their logo on the back of the invitation. We love hashtags for weddings, it's so much fun for the couple, and guests to be able to follow along during the day, and then look back and reminisce!
Photo Courtesy of Megan Brodie Photography
We used the couple's logo as part of their return address on the back flap of the main envelope as well. How perfect is this shot? Captured by the very talented Megan Brodie Photography.
It's so much fun to personalize an invitation set with a true touch of the couple's personality and event location. We also love a good skyline!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July and a fun, relaxing weekend! We love to hear your comments so feel free to leave a one below... We ALWAYS respond to our amazing and loyal readers :) Share and pin away, and follow us on Social Media for constant updates of what's going on around here.
Sparkle On!

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