Monday, July 13, 2015

Kisses for the Mr. and Mrs. ~ Joe and Bettina's Sparkling Wedding

Joe and Bettina are a ton of fun to work with. You may remember the really awesome shower that Joe planned for Bettina back in March (Bettina Loves Her Joe), if not you can read about it here.  It was evident from the shower, and shows through in the wedding details that Joe is amazing with word play. He's my favorite pun-sultant (his word, not mine), and I actually asked him to come up with the headline for this post. So, thanks Joe! Yes, he's perfectly suited for his job as a newspaper editor and headline writer. And Bettina, she's quite crafty with language herself! So we had lots of fun coming up with great wedding details and elegant, fun touches. 

We started with the creation of the invitations. The couple wanted a classic look with elegant scripts, a black and white color scheme, and a pop of their gorgeous teal accent color.

We worked together to choose the perfect monogram script and then went about creating the rest of the set. We decided to complete the suite with a beautiful Swarovski crystal just kissing one end of the "M" on the front of the enclosure band. 
While we were discussing the invitation design, they mentioned wanting to do something different and creative with their escort cards and table numbers, but that they didn't know what exactly. A few days later, after a little thought and research, they let me know that they wanted to use sayings about love as the table names. At that point I began to brainstorm ideas about how to display their escort cards that would be fun and different. 

Meanwhile, during a meeting with their floral designer Sheryl from Black Dahlia (who had initially referred Joe and Bettina to us), they had noticed our silver sparkling Mr. And Mrs. Sign. They sent me a text saying that they would like to display the sign on their escort card table. Ultimately, they decided to use this piece as a welcome for guests as they arrived (along with adorable pictures), and again as an accent piece on their sweetheart table. 
Look how fantastic the teal in those orchids ties in the accents from the invitations, and also matched the bridesmaids dresses. LOVE!
Combining their ideas for the love sayings, and wanting to mix in their colors with the silver from the Mr. And Mrs. Sign, I thought of an idea to use silver Hershey kisses as the stands for heart shaped escort cards. What could be better than combining kisses, hearts and sayings of love? Nothing, period. 
I sent them a sample pic and it was "love at first sight". So obviously we decided to run with it. 
Here's how it looked on wedding day...
To incorporate their teal accent color, we used the same luscious silk teal paper from the invitation as a border for the hearts on the escort cards. View our Hearts and Kisses Escort Cards in our Etsy Shop!
For the table numbers, we utilized giant sized Hershey kisses to create a larger version of the escort cards.  Joe and Bettina came up with the most amazing love sayings to fit each of the tables and even worked the numbers into the words in some cases. These are available in our Etsy Shop as well.
Here are a few other examples of their incredible creativity:
Table 2 - You're Just Two Good to Be True
Table 4 - Always and Four-Ever
Table 9 - On Cloud Nine
Table 11 - Happi11y Ever After
Table 12 - Dozen Get Better Than This
And... How lovely are those centerpieces that Black Dahlia created?!?

Now that we had the escort cards and centerpieces decided on, there were a few final details.
Bettina had gotten white flip-flops for her guests to ease their dancin' feet, so we created matching signage for their baskets. Again, Joe and Bettina supplied the wording. 

The final detail was a thank you message in gift frames, explaining that the newlyweds had made donations to Make A Wish and the North Shore Animal League in honor of their guests. Joe and Bettina got the frames, and asked that I create the insert for them, so we kept the typography the same as other wedding elements, and used the accent teal to highlight favor-ite charities.
  All of the little details that we created for Joe and Bettina were based around love and kisses which was completely fitting for a Mr. and Mrs. so "head over heels" in love!

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