Tuesday, June 16, 2015

VIP style Bar Mitzvah Invitations - All Guests are VIP at This Party!

Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations are so much fun to design! These parties present the unique opportunity to take a theme and really run wild with it. If you love them, you can find them in our Etsy Shop here!

The mom of this Bar Mitzvah boy found me on Etsy (from our graffiti invitation) and asked if I could design a custom VIP Pass style invitation for her son's Bar Mitzvah. Of course I jumped at the opportunity! 

We worked together to create the perfect blend of classy and fun with some specialty printing mixed right in. 

When I first thought about this creation, I knew that we had to do something special so that it wasn't just a plain card. We went with a spot UV process and that's what created the awesome glossy version of Avi's logo in the tone-on-tone glossy look. On the information side of the pass the "All Access Pass" bar, and the bottom matching bar are also UV printed to add some emphasis to these elements. 
The matching response post card and invitation to the dance party keep the event ticket theme going and stand out from run of the mill invitations. 
Instead of traditional addressing, we chose a sleek, black envelope and used a wrap around label for the addressing and return address on the back. Love the simple but stylized logo that they chose because it worked so nicely on all of the invitation elements. 
Wrap around labels are available in our Etsy shop here. 
Authentic lanyards completed the look and made these invitations so fun to receive! 
Every invitation should be like getting a little gift in the mail, and this one certainly was!
We have also created a similar VIP Pass recently for clients who are looking for a less expensive version without the specialty spot gloss printing (these are actually glossy all over). 
These lovelies can be found in our Etsy Shop here.
I am very fortunate to work with such creative and inspiring clients who trust my designs and ideas!
I'm so lucky that this wonderful Georgia family found me on Etsy and chose to work with Sparkle and Ink to create their invitations. 

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