Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Shabby Chic, Find Your Seat! Bringing a Seating Board Vision to Life.

Wow! I'm actually posting twice this month. I'm working on my goal of once a week and I'm almost afraid to do a happy dance too early. Next week will be the real test to see if I can keep it up. Things have been really busy at Sparkle and Ink, but I'm trying extra hard to keep my awesome internet friends up to date on what's new and exciting around here. Today it's a new rental... so read on! If you'd like to receive Sparkle and Ink Blog updates by mail please enter your email on the right--->

It's always really exciting when I get a request for a rental that Sparkle and Ink does not yet offer. It's especially exciting when what the customer is asking for is a perfect piece to add to our repertoire of rentals! In this case, a bride who was working with Black Dahlia, Inc. was looking for a vintage looking frame and a beautiful paper creation to adorn it with for her seating board. I had a blast working with Nicole to fit the look that she wanted and her wedding colors to a perfect vintage seating chart. 

My first mission when I learned of this request was to go in search of a frame. Luckily I have worked with a woman in the past named Vicki of Vicki's Vintage. She's fabulous at having great vintage pieces that either she will fix up for you, or you can buy and then re-furb yourself. I chose to redo this one on my own. Here's the frame that I selected. It had lots of nice vintage elements and I liked the light weight as well!
After a coat or two of chalk paint, a layer of glaze and a little weathering, the gold was gone, and the vintage look was starting to take shape. 
Before                                           After
Now I wanted to find the perfect backing paper to set the stage for the name pieces that I was creating. I needed something with a little pizzaz, but nothing too busy that it would take away from the names and the gorgeous font that I planned to use. I found this at Paper Source (a favorite of mine for specialty, hand made or elegant papers). I'm so lucky to have one nearby! 
Nicole was using a deep violet for her accent color (along with white and silver) so we chose a violet  silk border paper that made the white name pieces really pop! Of course throughout the entire process we sent Nicole pictures so that she could see the progress 
and approve colors and other details. 
We used a few stand out pieces on the top of the board to highlight the couple's names, the wedding date and side pieces to name the bridal party. As you can see below, it all came together beautifully. 
When all was said and done, Nicole was ecstatic. 
Together we had created exactly what she had in mind for her wedding. 

I always love making a new piece based on a customer's inspiration. It gives me a chance to design something new, and also to work with the customer to coordinate their look with a completely custom creation. 

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