Thursday, May 28, 2015

Peacock Inspired Enchanted Forest - Melissa and James's Sparkling Wedding

Logo created by Sparkle and Ink
Working with Melissa and James to plan their dream wedding was such a fun adventure. When we first met, about 9 months before their wedding, we went through loads of ideas. Melissa let me know what elements she envisioned for her dream wedding, and we discussed their budget and how to make it all work. She was great about sending inspiration pictures, and a photo of her centerpieces which were created by Black Dahlia, Inc. in Melville. 

Melissa and James used peacock feathers as their inspiration for color choices. We planned to incorporate the same gorgeous brilliant blues and violets that were in her centerpiece orchids into the invitations, menus, programs, escort cards, and the escort card display as well.

Peacocks also symbolize love, immortality and renewal, perfect values to focus on for a wedding! You'll see little peeks of peacock love as you peruse their awesome event photos.

On the invitations, we gave guests a hint at the look of the wedding by tying in the same orchid colors and also mimicking the branches with hanging lanterns found on their centerpieces.
Crystals gave the perfect sparkle to represent the candles.
(maybe someday I'll learn how to photograph crystals so that you can see the true sparkle)
Ceremony programs featured the couple's logo on top (even the logo had a hint of those brilliant violets and blues) and silhouettes of the bridal party as well.  
When guests entered the reception room, they were greeted with the ambiance of an enchanted forest. The uplighting (provided by Silver Fox Entertainment), the tree centerpieces with hanging lanterns (provided by Black Dahlia, Inc) and the matching menus and table numbers (created by us at Sparkle and Ink) all came together perfectly to make the room oh so romantic!
Melissa loves literature, plays and movies. She picked a few favorite  quotes about love to go on each table number. Of course we accented this with a peacock feather!

Guests located their seats which we printed on hearts and displayed on our Birdcage Escort Card Board. We also dressed it up with a few peacock feathers and Sonja of Black Dahlia, Inc helped us make the base look like a tiny garden. 
You might have found your seat here, but with Silver Fox rocking the party, you truly belonged on the dance floor!
Custom signage accented the theme perfectly.
Melissa sourced the frames and we created inserts to match the rest of the stationery.
Loved the wine cork guest book! Great idea Melissa!

It's so fantastic to travel with each of our couples on their journey to planning their perfect wedding. By time the wedding rolls around, they truly feel like family. We wish Melissa and James all wonderful things in their future together! 

Sparkle On!

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