Monday, July 21, 2014

White Ink on Kraft Paper - An Adventure in Printing a Paris Stamp Invitation

It's the beginning of a new week, and the weather is beautiful! Posting at the start of a new week is fun. Although I always aim to post on Thursday, somehow life has been getting in the way the past few weeks. I've been helping my parents move and craigslisting (that's a word, right?) a ton of furniture for them since they are downsizing. Not to mention some really exciting fun new orders that have come in and taken over my to-do list. I'm really looking forward to sharing those with you though! I do however apologize for the inconsistency. But seeing how fun a Monday post is, I may switch to Mondays... thoughts?

Moving on to business (the fun stuff). Last week I showed you an invitation that had utilized my printer's white ink on black paper capability. This week I wanted to share one that tested out their white ink on kraft paper capability. If you didn't know, kraft paper is that brown paper bag like paper that has become quite popular. I LOVE it because it's a great medium for just about anything. Envelopes, invitations, cards, gift tags, signage, you name it. When printed on Kraft paper there's a unique look that's rustic, yet finished. 

So... When I was approached to create a Paris themed invitation to a special birthday, I decided to use this opportunity to try out the white on kraft printing process. 
About half way through the design process I decided that I needed to add a deep color for dimension. Navy was the perfect touch to make this invite pop! 
If you can't tell from the photo, it's a nice, thick card stock so the invitation is really sturdy. Having a good quality paper stock is important because no matter how awesome the design is, if it's printed on flimsy paper, it will look cheap. 
I loved adding the postage stamp type edging, I don't know why, but I always love the look of a stamp. 
To complete the suite, I pair this with either a nice white Crane's envelope or a matching kraft envelope. It's just perfect for a birthday, anniversary, moving or returning from abroad, sweet 16, quinceanera, and any other occasion that you can dream up. 

Yes, I am admittedly a paper and ink nerd, so I get chills of excitement when I get an email from any of my printers alerting me to a new capability. I immediately look to find a way to utilize the trend in my creations. Recently one of my printers started printing on great tote bags, so there may be a new medium coming your way soon!

These invitations are fun to look at and even better to send! They are available in the Sparkle and Ink Etsy shop as part of our ready made collection. If you'd like to customize this for an upcoming event, send me an email, leave me a comment, or send a message any way you choose and we will get started right away. 

Sparkle On!

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