Friday, July 11, 2014

From Rugs to Invitations, Finding Inspiration and Making it Work

Well Happy Saturday! Here's a glimpse into my process of creating invitations to get your weekend off to a creative and sparkly start! I recently added a fabulously colorful and fun suite of invitations to my Etsy shop. They are perfect for a Bat Mitzvah, Quinceanera, Sweet Sixeen, or any special party at all. 

The design of these began back in December, while on a vacation to Atlantic City, at the Borgata with my family, I found some really fun inspiration. I always love to hear where other artists get their inspiration, so I thought I'd share the creative path that these invitations went through with you. My inspiration, design, creation, production process isn't always as glamorous or as clear cut, so this was a convenient one to share. 

I posted this photo one evening with the following caption:
From Instagram... Caption: "Alright carpet, listen up... I know you get stepped all over, but your design is good, and you've given me an idea. Soon people will swoon over you when you arrive in the form of an invitation. Chin up soldier!" 

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So, I had been wanting to create a new invitation set printed on black backing, a capability that one of my printing partners had recently started offering. The pics do a decent job, but you should see these in person, the white and the colors just pop right off the page! 
The accessory card is printed on silver foil stock, it's another new capability, and such fun one! 
What a great way to announce a party! 
We are ready to design your next invitation or announcement on silver whenever you are. 

I decided to up the glam factor by about 100% by layering the black, pink and green invite on a glitter backing stock. There are a few options available for this backing. I couldn't choose my favorite. Opinions?
Ok, so let's see how this went from rug to carpet...
If you look at the center top part of the design on the invitation, where the Bat Mitzvah girl's initials are, you can see that the design is the same shape as one of the abstract shapes on the carpet (bottom left of the picture). Then if you look at the green design around the name on the invitation, it follows the pattern of the green design on the carpet. 

The element of design that initially caught my eye, was the layering of the color on top of the white line drawings. See how there's a border of white along all of the colors in both the rug and the invitation? That's my favorite part.

The final product far exceeded all of my expectations. The white ink on the black paper appears as if it's hand drawn, it's classy, fun, and colorful, yet still classic.

In all truth, sometimes when I set out to design a new product, it involves a lot of dreaming up in my head, then a lot of procrastinating, then some digital creation. That's usually followed by me "walking away" from it for a bit of time, and then returning to it to re-visit the creation and decide if I'm happy with it, and to make tweaks from there. This invitation was not the norm, it made such a nice transition between inspiration and final product.

I LOVE to seek out inspiration, sometimes in the strangest places! I also enjoy learning about where others find inspiration. Where do you find inspiration? Share in the comments.

This invitation is available for sale in our Etsy shop

I hope your weekend is as sparkly as this invitation!

Sparkle On!

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