Thursday, June 5, 2014

Well... Why Don't You Wine About It?

Any one else LOVE flash sale sites? I really enjoy perusing the flash sale providers. Rue la la, Gilt, One Kings Lane, and Joss and Main (extra love for Joss and Main), they are all so much fun to browse. I've gotten some great clothes and accessories from these sites, but I don't tend to order that often from the sites that specialize in home goods because lots of times they don't allow returns (some do, some don't). I get nervous, and crazy buyers remorse about making a final sale commitment on a large purchase. But regardless, I browse through their email blasts almost every day (except when I am just too busy and then I quickly delete them before they can distract me with those pretty colors and amazing home ideas). Lots of times my browsing gives me great ideas for my next DIY project, or color combinations or patterns. 

Well, on Wednesday of this week, I got my usual email blast from Dot and Bo. These guys are somewhat new to me. I forget where I happened upon this site, but they have loads of mid century modern and transitional looking furniture, which to me means great geometric patterns and ideas galore, so I signed up. 
I know... #flashsalejunkie -  I'm guilty. 

I quickly scrolled through the email to see if there was anything worth looking at, and this grabbed my eye. Not because I wanted it, but because I had seen something just like it. So I clicked through to see the price... $39.99. 
Ok, now I knew exactly where I had seen it and it was certainly not that price. IKEA carries the almost identical design for $9.99. It's called Vurm (see pic on right) Now I'm sure that an argument can be made that the Dot and Bo version is made of some highly valuable or durable material which justifies that price. As opposed to the IKEA model which is probably a metal akin to a tin can. But at the end of the day, when hanging on the wall and displaying your wine collection, not even your savviest of friends would know the difference. Better yet, even if you bought the pricier model, I would bet that most people would guess it was from IKEA.
Here's a side by side comparison in case that helps to match these twinsies up against each other.
Why am I writing about this today? Well, there's an important lesson to be learned here. Certain things are worth splurging on, they include: purchases that need to be comfortable (couches, chairs), items that have a unique look or style that is not available or replicable otherwise, and appliances that have a high functional quality. Some things cannot be knocked off, a good refrigerator is unbeatable. But, decor items that are mostly for show, or that accent your design are the best to knock off or find at a discount. This wine rack is a perfect example! Both work, both look the same, and you could easily save yourself $20.00! Just think of all of the accessories that you could buy for that. 

So... Do your homework. If you see something that you love, do a google image search and see what pops up, there might be a twin lurking around. You can thank me later :) 

I love appreciating a great bargain! Find any lately? Share with us in the comments below.

Sparkle On! 

P.S. - I recently joined Pippit, if you haven't heard of it, from what I understand, it's a mix of blog + Instagram + Facebook. I can't give an opinion because I'm still playing around with it, but if you're on there, connect with me @sparkleandink 

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