Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sparkling the Tulip Festival

In case you missed it, I want to share the Sparkle and Ink experience at the Tulip Festival this past Sunday. If you know me, I'm all about a cohesive look. For your business, home, wedding, party, brand, it has to make sense… So, when I signed up to have a booth at the local Tulip Festival in Huntington this year (something I've been warming up to for a few years), I knew it was time to go all in. Here's how it works: my awesome town of Huntington, NY holds this local fair in Heckscher Park, and plants tons of tulips (more info here). The day is geared toward young children and families and local businesses are welcome to have a booth and provide a free craft for children. Pretty cool, huh?

I started sketching, brainstorming, and prepping months in advance. How to display my work, how to display what I do, and the craft… oh the craft… what could we make that would reflect what I do, and be fun for kids of various ages?

Well, it seemed obvious that we should make cards, and mother's/father's day is approaching, so why not make cards for moms and dads? I searched and mixed and tried, and finally came up with an idea that I loved. We created cards out of fun pattered paper that I had left over from a variety of projects (that would have otherwise been discarded - recycling!). On it we used butterflies cut out with a punch from old magazines (more recycling), and cupcake liners (not recycled, yuck!) to make flowers and butterflies. Here's my sample...
Pretty fun! I was happy with the craft idea. Ok, one part down. Now, how to display my invitations in a way that they wouldn't blow away, wouldn't be strewn all over the place, and would go with my overall look?
Well, I had refinished this old ladder and thought that might do the trick. I added a few ribbons and small metal clasps from Ikea, and voila… A cohesive, organized, and really fun looking invitation display.
I actually added many more invitations to the ladder, but took this picture in the midst of setting up. 
I also had this fabulous piece of furniture that I recently re-finished (all about how The Dutchess was born here). I brought her along because it helped to add to the warm welcoming vintage feel of the Sparkle and Ink booth. It also worked as a fabulous looking display. This piece and the ladder are now available for rent!

Here's a shot from looking under the tent. 
How awesome are those giant paper flowers that I made? People were asking all day how I created them. They were a true Pinterest success from here. 
I designed a new banner for this occasion as well. In the past when attending wedding expos, I've always used a banner that I made out of vintage book pages. While that one is really cool looking, this was a more outdoor and weather appropriate option. I LOVE how it matches out Facebook cover photo as well!
Here's another shot from the side if guests entered from the other side of the path. The yellow and grey tablecloth was a Target score on clearance, and the peachy one was $2.00 at a local thrift store. 
On the bottom left of the photo above, you can see one of my seating chart boards that I repurposed as a welcome board. The board is covered in ivy and holds a welcome message (for events this is personalized with the couple's or honoree's information). I added a hashtag for the event, and others actually posted to it! Such a cool feeling :) #huntingtontulipfest2014

The table cloth that can be seen on the craft table in the pics below was another $2 thrift store win (it's actually a bed sheet, but shhhhh... don't tell!)
I love this picture on the bottom right that shows how creative some of the munchkin artists were! This one has eyes and a bow tie instead of flowers and butterflies. One child even took the materials and made people out of the cupcake liners and then surrounded the people with butterflies. 
Above you can see the spiffy new brochures that I designed and ordered for the festival. Now listen, I LOVE a great business card as much as anyone, but a brochure makes it so much easier to convey all of what we do.
 And out of everything, this dum-dum flower arrangement was the biggest hit! This was the worlds easiest project. I just took a styrofoam ball, mounted it to the top of yellow metal planters and  then started to push the dum dums into the styrofoam to create a globe look. 
Have you decorated for anything fun lately!?!?! If you have any unique ideas or if you have a Pinterest board that you'd like to share, please leave the information in the comments. 
Sparkle On!
 ~ Kathy

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