Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Total Package - Elegant Ribbon Accented Invitations all Wrapped Up in a Beautiful Package

Well Hello! It was tough to choose what to post today, I have so much to fill you in on, but I haven't posted an invitation set in a few weeks, so I thought that we'd hop on back to that. But first, I wanted to share that I was recently contacted by the folks over at Be Inspired PR. In case you're not familiar, Be Inspired is run by Leila Lewis, a fabulous and well known lady in the wedding industry. In addition to helping wedding vendors promote their businesses, they write the Inspired by This blog. Leila Lewis and Kellee Khalil, founder of are sisters. Needless to say, these ladies are the best at curating and promoting swoon worthy wedding elements and their creators. So, of course, I was super excited to be asked to join the Be Inspired PRvendor network! (In case you didn't notice, I added my vendor badge to the side bar of the blog, couldn't wait!) You can find my profile and the profiles of other fabulous vendors that are teamed up with Be Inspired here.

And now for this week's swoon worthy invitation suite… Today's invitations were truly a fun collaboration that culminated in a beautiful product. When Steph and Steve first contacted me, they had already been working with two other invitation vendors who had been unable for various reasons to fulfill their requests. They had a short time left until their invitations had to be sent out, and were hoping that I would be able to create and produce their dream invitations.  Side note: When I asked Steph where she had found Sparkle and Ink, she said that she had been searching on Wedding Wire (now, I'm not a featured vendor on Wedding Wire, so I knew that she had probably had to look through many pages of vendors to find Sparkle and Ink's listing). She explained that she was drawn to the name "Sparkle and Ink" and then sent me an email. I'd say this worked out well for all of us, so for that, I send a big thanks to Wedding Wire!
What a fun couple to work with! Steph and Steve were both involved in all aspects of the design process from start to finish.  We began by choosing a paper stock that would make up the invitation folder, as well as the paper for all of the invitation pieces. This opalescent ivory color would serve as the backdrop, and give an overall elegance to the package. 
Steph fell in love with a floral opalescent paper that I had shown them, and we chose to use that as a first backing layer to accent the main invitation. 
We then chose to accent both the opalescent main invitation and the floral paper with a deep cranberry middle border. The deep cranberry was also chosen to back the pocket for the accessory cards, and the monogram tab on the front of the package. 
The next piece was a bit tricky… finding a ribbon accent that would match the paper choice that we had selected. If you've ever tried to match paper and ribbon, you know that it's MUCH harder than you'd think. But I was able to find it, and after much debating and trial and error on where, and how much ribbon accenting to use, we decided on this...
The cranberry ribbon wraps around the package to give the appearance of a gift, and then is also peeking out on the corners of the main invitation, to give it a little hint of extra glam. 
We designed the whole package to coordinate perfectly with the bridesmaids dresses and the overall look of their wedding. Receiving this invitation in the mail, is like getting a little gift, all wrapped up in a perfectly designed package. 

How gorgeous is that monogram?!?! Quite a few trials and samples had to take place to create the perfect monogram that Steph and Steve had in mind. Do you ever have a picture in your mind, and then have to go and create it, or try to find it? You know I have that problem all the time! 

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Sparkle On!

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