Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Peep This! Budget Friendly Place Cards

Hey Peeps! Just a quick post this week for anyone looking to create budget friendly place cards. How cute are these?!?!?
I decided to post this now, because these could be ADORABLE for your Easter table, and yet also work perfectly for a baby shower (love those colored peeps)!

This idea was originally inspired by the awesome displays of colorful peeps that you can find in stores around Easter. 
The bright vivid colors, and displays were calling to me. I just had to do something with them. 
** Tip… If you are using these for a baby shower, or any purpose other than Easter, buy the peeps right after Easter (on sale) and store in zip lock bags at room temperature.
So, easy peasy… I separated each peep, and wrapped each in a piece of white tulle, tied with a piece of twine.
I added a little colorful square piece of card stock to each peep package, and VOILA!!!
It's a perfect, inexpensive accent to a kid-friendly, colorful, and fun Easter table. And just think of guests at a pastel themed baby shower… what a fun place card alternative!
I just love all of those brilliant colors, and the little peeps are so cute! There are loads of other things that you can do with peeps as well. Here are some that I found, and please post below in the comments if you know of any others!
Other ideas for peep crafts:

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