Saturday, February 8, 2014

Spread a Message of Equality, Acceptance, and Love for All.

While I have a gazillion events and invitations to catch up on posting about, the issues in Sochi regarding the cruel and unfair discrimination against individuals in the LGBT community is disgusting. I try to keep my world sparkly, surround myself with people who are accepting, and embrace all that humanity has to offer, and this matter is certainly not in keeping with that. I love the Olympics and the premise of striving for excellence. Many have begun to boycott watching the games, and while that does send a message, I am saddened for our athletes, who deserve our attention and support. I'm disappointed that the cruel beliefs of the Russian government has been allowed to cloud the reigning positivity that usually surrounds the games. But what can I, a mom/designer do about this? I can design, because that's what I do. Good design should move you, it should spread a message, and it should facilitate change. Sometimes I am moved to design for a cause, and that's the case with today's post. What can you do? You can show your support, and spread the word and hope that together, we can make a difference (even a small one).

Here I give you my designs in honor of equality, support for our olympic athletes, and equality for all man kind. Please feel free to use them, post them, whatever you'd like, but please help to spread a message of equality for all people. These are sized to fit your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram profile images. If you'd like a Facebook cover image, please leave me a comment below, and I'll happily create one. 

Comments? Questions? Requests? Leave 'em below. 
Sparkle On…
 - Kathy

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