Thursday, August 22, 2013

Making Old into New: My Treasure Hunt for Sparkly Furniture

Imagine my surprise today when I received the email newsletter from Build it Green NYC, which I always love to peruse, and the first story was a picture of the bookshelves that we built in our living room using reclaimed wood from their warehouse!?!? It was quite exciting! Yes, when I'm not creating invitations, or designing events, I'm usually creating something for my house...
And the area below the shelf isn't even completed yet... Oh well. 

Here's a closer shot: 
And a close up of the wood. 
All I did was clean it up a bit with a wet cloth, and seal it with Benjamin Moore PolyAcrylic (Matte). Don't mind the invite, I happened to have that shot from an earlier photo shoot. 
Old wood is just awesome in my opinion!

That shelf was a great collaboration between my husband Blayne and I. We had been wanting "built in" bookshelves for a long time, and we each had some ideas to contribute. While discussing our ideas, and looking through Pinterest pics, we came up with the idea to make the main shelf of the piece out of reclaimed barn wood (I'm absolutely in love and obsessed with all things reclaimed). So Blayne drew up the plans, and then we were ready to gather materials. Now... where to procure such a material in the Long Island/NYC area? I knew there had to be a good spot. 

Enter Build it Green, which I found in an online search and after many other fruitless phone calls. Mind you... Blayne was NOT thrilled about the idea of treking to Astoria in the middle of the summer heat. But off we went (he's such a good sport) and walked into a treasure trove of rescued materials, and a warehouse full of reclaimed wood in all sizes and shapes. I have to say before going any further... While I helped design the shelves, Blayne and our awesome neighbor did ALL of the building. Then I stepped back in to paint. Ok, back to Build it Green...

Now, should you decide to visit BIG, I recommend clothes that you don't care too much about, and maybe some sensible shoes. I however, seem to always end up there in dress clothes and nice sandals, which make for great rummaging and moving of rafters and such (insert sarcasm here). Oh well...

Anyway, here are some of the amazing finds that we've come across at BIG:
Things We've Bought
reclaimed wood, tiles, a ladder (can't wait to finish that project), some old spindles from a staircase, and a large sink (for Nabob's Brewery)

Things I Haven't Bought, But have Admired, or Wanted to Buy
insanely old and awesome looking stoves, antique doors, antique windows, subway track lights from the set of Spiderman (soooo cool!), furniture, and AGA stove, bowling lane flooring and granite slabs

Here's a sneak peak of what I picked up on this last trip:

I just can't help it, it's my curse, I LOVE to find things, and change them and make them sparkle! Do you have this problem? I've begun a new rule that I am NOT allowed to compile projects, I have to finish what I have before I buy more. I've been pretty good about it lately, but I've got some catching up to do. Have you rescued any treasures and made them sparkle? I'd love to see!

Sparkle On!
 - Kathy

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