Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Today at Sparkle and Ink

I've been absolutely terrible about updating the sparkle and Ink blog lately. There's a great reason though! Things around here have been super busy. What happens is that I usually wait to blog about a job/project when it's finished. Then it wraps up and I'm on to the next, usually too fast to update the blog. So... In the interest of sharing the amazing things that fill the days here at sparkle and ink, I'm going to be sharing more "in process" pics and info. Because each and every day at Sparkle and Ink is fun, interesting and exciting, and I want to share all that's going on. Here's the first in my new endeavor (and yes, sadly it's being composed at 2:15 am). 

Today was one of those days where I run around and work on many little pieces of multiple jobs. However, I'm only letting myself share one right now. This was a really fun, and super messy one! 

These are the pieces for 10 beautiful beach tablescapes for an upcoming bridal shower:
Here's a shot of the layout across the table. The venue has beautiful oval tables, so I designed the tablescape to utilize the elongated area, but to be light and airy and not obstruct the view so guests can chat!
My client wanted to use vases that she had found as the main centerpiece, so we used those along with floating candles and 2 smaller arrangements to evoke a light, beachy feeling. 

Wait till you see the table numbers that I designed to match! Coming soon...

Aren't they fun? And my dining room smells so amazing from the dried lavender! I was even inspired to create some new favors using it. So be looking for those in the Etsy store soon!
Sparkle On!

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