Sunday, July 28, 2013

Today at Sparkle and Ink: Natural Elegant Table Numbers with a Touch of Bling

It's certainly exciting around here! Every day another fun project and it's so much fun to share our creations. Remember our beachy tablescape from last week? Well, as promised, here are the extra special table numbers that complete the look! 
A hint of nature comes through in the numerals cut from faux plant leaves (no rotting or wilting here) 
And a bling-ified border adds just enough sparkle to dress it up a bit. 
The backing paper has a light texture. Just enough to seem like bark, but luxurious enough to keep it fancy. 
And how do they stand you might ask? Another Sparkle and Ink solution of course! Shells act as little stands to hold up each number. 
Well that's the latest today at Sparkle and Ink. Coming up this week: hand painted sparkling trees, samples shipping left and right, and the final piece to this beach ensemble... Escort cards! 

These great table numbers are available in our Etsy store:

What type of table markers do you like, names or numbers? Have you seen anything really creative? 

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