Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Today at Sparkle and Ink: Love is Sweet Favors

Since completing their invitations, I've been working with Lauralea and Ashley on favors and escort cards for their wedding. They live in the UK where Ashley is from. They had a Marquee Garden Wedding there (which I learned means an outdoor affair with a large tent), and are having a US ceremony for Lauralea's family and friends. They asked me to help out with some of the details for the US wedding to ease the overseas wedding planning. As favors, we created these little muslin pouches filled with the most delicious wine nuts from Dipping the Vine
The bags are filled with mixed nuts dipped in red wine, cocoa and spices. They are heaven!
And of course we created a cute little poem to explain the treats! 
While I had been getting the pouches ready and tags printed in the past few days, today was nut pick up day! My wonderful husband and I decided to make a morning of it, so into NYC we headed, picked up the nuts, and headed to the Highline for some green, lush, inspiration. It's an amazing spot if you've never been. 
Nuts procured, it was time to start filling bags. 
And here they are, all dressed up and ready for delivery. 
If you had to choose something special to package up as favors in a little pouch, what would it be? Post your ideas in the comments! 
Sparkle On!

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