Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April Showers Bring...Beautiful Brides and Happy Babies: Our Sparkly Guide to Hosting the Best Showers

Yes, yes, we all know that April showers supposedly bring May flowers, however, it also seems that as the spring rolls around, and the flowers start to bloom, the flood gates to baby and bridal showers seem to open. Showers are fun, fabulous opportunities to celebrate a friend or relative who is about to embark on a new life journey. While the thought of planning such a momentous event can be daunting, heed our simple advice, dive in, choose a course, plan your attack, and run with it!  When it comes to a shower, planning is essential, but the thought that goes into each element of the day is most important. Below are some ideas of how to create a sparkling, memorable shower that guests will not only remember, but will want to emulate themselves.
Whether you've sought the assistance of an event planner/coordinator/designer or not, the most important thing to remember throughout all of your planning, is your purpose. A shower is to supply a bride/groom or mother/father-to-be with all of the great tools that she/he will need in this next phase of her/his life. Choosing decorative elements that can both add to the look of the shower, and also be gifts for the guest of honor to take with them. Photo frames, books, and glassware all work for brides; and baby bottles, one-sies, cloth diapers, and socks are necessities that all new parents need. With a little creativity you can make any of these items into centerpieces, place card holders, or hanging decorations.
Diaper Cakes, like this one from Dianna's Diaper Cakes can function as centerpieces while also a gift of little goodies for the mommy/daddy-to-be and baby.
In addition to the little necessities, try to come up with a great memento that the bride/groom or mother/father-to-be can take away from the shower. For example, I was recently at a shower where all of the bridesmaids presented the bride with wine bottles for the couple to open on momentous occasions (first dinner guests, first house, first child, etc,...). Each bottle was decorated according to the occasion. What a fantastic gift! (See the great ready-made one below) An example for a baby shower, is to have guests each create a page of a baby book for the bride to fill in with information (like the kind that they sell, but personally created by your friends and family).
This is a great example of a 1st Occasions Wine Set. Available for purchase through RachelRPerry on Etsy.
Center the entire event around the guest of honor. In the case of a bridal shower, make the bride shine, let every aspect of the day be about her. Focus on things that she likes, whether it’s travel, animals, technology, makeup, clothing, whatever! Let all aspects of the event center around that. In the case of a baby shower, center all decorative elements around the mom/dad-to-be and the baby. If the mom loves animals and is planning an animal themed nursery, then think of centerpieces, and books, and little decorative elements to match her theme. 

Kudos to you for offering to do coordinate this fun event! If you need any other ideas or suggestions, feel free to ask in the comments below, or contact me directly.

Speaking of comments, I LOVE to receive them! Let me know what you're planning! Do you have any big ideas brewing? What have you  been creating lately?

Sparkle On!
~ Kathy


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning and linking my shop www.DiannasDiaperCakes.com I love what I do!

    1. And you are great at it Dianna! Your diaper cakes are so adorable, and make great shower decor.