Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mid-Century Moddie

Ha ha, I hope everyone reading this gets the title, and I'm not just sitting alone laughing at my creative genius... Just kidding. That's for my husband B, who always makes fun of me for my attempted and sadly failed plays on words. Maybe by the end it will make sense...

I recently completed a sparkly project of my own. This is a break from my usual posts about sparkly people, businesses, invitations or events. But, I've been reflecting a lot about myself, Sparkle and Ink, and my passions for design and I'd like to share more here on the Sparkle and Ink blog, of some things that I create when I'm not designing invitations, I love to decorate my home, ski, and enjoy the outdoors. So, I thought I'd share one of my projects.

Ever since I was small I can remember my mom taking me clothes shopping, and nothing in the stores ever matching the ideas that I would pre-conjure up in my head. As I've gotten older, I find that the same thing still happens, I look and look for furniture, clothing, shoes, housewares, and try to match the idea that I already have. It definitely takes longer, but it makes me LOVE the things that I ultimately choose.

So, needless to say, I've been looking for a TV holder (unit, entertainment center, table) of some sort for a while. First I looked at tall units, then low ones. I knew that I wanted a wood unit, and something with some character, maybe old. Then, inspired by the amazing Sherry and John at Young House Love, I started looking at thrift stores and seemed to be drawn to the "Mid-Century Modern" look, something I previously knew nothing of. Eventually I happened upon these 3 thrift store finds:

All decent choices in the mid-century modern category, all needing some re-finishing and all within my price range of $50-150. Now, one didn't have hardware, which I really wanted to be able to change and give an update to, and the other needed molding repair. Not a big deal, but more work. So I measured the space and settled upon this one...

It had some scratches, but other than that, it was perfect, with lots of cool drawers, and allowed for so many fun updates! Low and behold, I opened the drawer to find the "Broyhill" tag on the inside. So, I knew I had chosen wisely. 

Getting it home was an adventure. After the nice men loaded it into my car, I drove with one leg of the thing poking me in the ribs for an entire day until I could get my amazing husband to help me get it out. That was eventful too, as I almost dropped it, tried to save it (stupidly) and ended up cutting a (tiny) piece off of my finger. Oh well, what's success without a little blood, right?

I patiently waited for the weekend (sun was predicted) dragged it out of the garage and hooked up the hand sander. Ha ha, silly me for thinking that would make it easier. Yes, it was better than no sander, but it took the entire day, and the sander kept heating up and melting the stain and finish back onto the wood. Fun stuff. 

Finally, at the end of the day (B laughing at me intermittently), I wiped it down, got the saw dust off (after fighting with a tacky cloth that I swear wanted to take off my skin) and moved it inside (with help) to escape the predicted rain for the next day. 

2 days later, after I had repressed as many memories as possible from my sanding experience and was ready to go at it again, I began the staining and painting process. That went fairly smoothly. And just in time to have friends over for B's birthday, ahhhhhhh, my completed project. 
And finally, a home for our TV. 
Yes, it's Mid-Century, and it's modified! (Mid-Century Moddie) ha ha ha... oh now you get it? hmmm.

Oh - the knobs! That was a whole thing. When I first took off the handles, SURPRISE! They were not just handles, it was the entire wood piece. So B sawed off the handle part and my daughter and I sanded down the fronts to make them smooth. Then I scoured Etsy, Pottery Barn, Pier 1, Restoration Hardware, and Ebay to find the perfect knobs. 
Finally, it was Anthropologie where I found these beauties. 

Leave it to Anthropologie to always have the perfect mix of old and fabulous!

Now I get to perseverate on what to do with the large blank wall above the TV.

Here are the product details: Stain: Old Masters Wiping Stain in Dark Walnut, Paint: Benjamin Moore Satin in Wasabi Green, and both stain and paint have a coat of MinWax Poly-crylic in Satin finish (it's my new favorite seal). 

Share with us! Have you completed any sparkly projects lately? I'd love to see them! Is it normal that I only love furniture if I have to either struggle or search to obtain it, and give it my blood sweat and tears? Share with us in the comments!

Sparkle On!
 - Kathy


  1. Super jealous of your thrifting find! Also, I love what you did with it :)

    1. Thanks Amanda! We have a great thrift store here on Long Island. I got lucky with this one though.