Thursday, March 7, 2013

Color Your Party! From the Smallest Get-Together, to the Largest Gala, Decorate in Style Without Breaking the Bank! Or... How I would Incorporate the Color of the year - Emerald Into an Event.

My March article as published in Long Island Women's Social Network Magazine, I'm bringing it to my amazing blog readers as well (I adapted the title for you guys). Happy March! Make it sparkle with some emerald touches and accents!

Lots of hosts these days use a theme to design their party. If you’re stuck for a theme, sometimes a color or a few colors is a great place to start.  Below are some fun ways to tie in color and create a beautiful, sparkly event. The examples pictured below feature Pantone (the color expert’s) color of the year...
Invitations by Sparkle and Ink

Introduce the color theme of your event in the invitation! 

Let the invitation reveal to guests what type of event they will be attending (if it’s a formal affair, or a casual party).

Floral Design by Black Dahlia
Floral Design by Black Dahlia

Next, think about what the guests will see when they enter the venue (whether it’s your home, a hall, a tent, or any other locale). Can you bring in colorful florals that will accent your theme colors? 

How about a fabulous tablecloth? Fancy or colored table linens make a classy statement and add color to the room. They can also be paired with white plates and plain glassware that won’t detract from their beauty.

Here are other fun and creative ways to incorporate your signature color: favors, from chocolates to baked goods to goodies, can match any color scheme and also be personalized. A signature cocktail (like the one that I whipped up above) featuring your color, matching flip-flops provided for guests at a beach party, creatively designed escort cards, or colorful umbrellas given to guests at a sunny outdoor affair. All of these goodies show guests that you thought of them, and also work to make your decor sparkle!  

Have fun with color!
The perfect time to use emerald as your accent color is coming up. This St. Patrick’s Day find some fun emerald accents to decorate your front door,
your dining room table, or yourself! 

Sparkle On!
 - Kathy

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