Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Sparkly Company with a Sparkling Product

Every once in a while, I like to spotlight a company that I’ve come across that’s “sparkly”. What does it mean to be sparkly? Sparkly people and companies come in a variety of forms. Some do good things for others, like in this post where Darwin threw himself a birthday party tobenefit the Trevor Project.  Or inthis post, which highlights companies that are giving back to a great causewith every purchase.

Well, another company worth checking out for their sparkly vision, is Rewined Candles. Not only do they make AMAZING scented soy wax candles, but they use discarded materials to create these fantastic products! The candles are scented with notes from wines, and are named accordingly. And the glass candle container is the bottom part of a re-purposed wine bottle! Fabulous scent, in a gorgeous presentation. See, how lovely.

I recently happened upon these candles in a furniture shop while helping my mom re-decorate her dining room. Of course I couldn’t resist a new candle to help motivate me during my days working at home, so, after much sniff testing, I chose “Pino Noir”. It’s fantastic, but there’s no describing that can convince you. If you can find a local shop that sells Rewined Candles, let your nose do the judging.

*** In case you were wondering, I came upon these candles by chance, completely enjoyed their design and vision, and receive NO compensation for endorsement of this (or any) sparkly product.

Sparkle On!
 - Kathy

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