Monday, February 11, 2013

Modern Simplicity, Ribbon Banded Invitation Suite

When my friend Peter told me that he had proposed to his girlfriend Jessica, and that they wanted to discuss invitations with me, I was incredibly excited and honored! Being in the wedding industry himself, I know that Peter sees creative wedding details all the time. I was flattered that he wanted me to help design his invitations. In addition, I love working with friends. Working with someone you know, to create their dreams, always makes creating the perfect design special. Honestly though, I usually get to know each client so well, that we are friends by time invitations are ready to be mailed.

Peter and Jessica knew exactly what they wanted when they first called Sparkle and Ink. Leading up to their wedding, Jessica had saved invitations that she loved. By combining the elements from each that she loved the most, we discussed their perfect invitations. 

Jessica and Peter had chosen to use yellows and grey, for their fall wedding, which would then be surrounded by other fall hues. The couple wanted an invitation color scheme of yellow and grey. So I got started creating a sample based on what Jess had described. But there are lots of yellow and greys out there, so I loaded up on various shades of each so that the couple could pick their perfect matches.

About 2 weeks later, I headed into Brooklyn to meet with Jess and Peter at their awesome Brooklyn apartment. With me... quite a few variations of greys, yellows, and ribbons in various thicknesses, papers varying in textures and fonts to choose digital calligraphy for addresses.

We sat, we chatted, I got to know Jess a little better (since we had only met once before, briefly) and we played around with different combinations of features that would together be their perfect suite. As you can see above, the final product featured a yellow and grey scheme, thick yellow ribbon banded back and a fabulous yellow RSVP envelope that worked as a beautiful accent, all printed on a beautiful natural white felt paper.

I loved working with Jess and Peter and wish them all the best in their married lives together. 

Sparkle On!
 - Kathy

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