Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sending Out Holiday Sparkle! Sparkling Prizes Too!

This year, for Sparkle and Ink's Holiday Card, I really wanted to mail the amazing people that we've had the pleasure of working for, with, and alongside, a little sparkle in an envelope. Something that could help these wonderful people keep their eye on the sparkle all year long. A mini gift, with a touch of sparkle. So what to do...

I've been really drawn to the sparkly sayings this year that have been all over the place like these...
But of course, I needed a message that would be holiday appropriate and something that people would want to look at and remember throughout the year. 
Finally, after much contemplating, sketching, more contemplating, erasing, crossing out, sketching (yes, this is generally how my creative process progresses) and finally Ah HA!!! Yes, I had it. 
My wish for all of my friends, family, coworkers, clients, yup, everyone!

"May you find the sparkle in every day"

And yes, of course, I wish that for all of our readers as well! 

And now how to present it?

I decided that I'd really like a magnet that reminded me to sparkle all year long, so I decided that would make a nice card/gift, but it needed some bling! After finding the correct magnet size, and designing the look to be exactly the image that I had conjured up in my mind, I added the bling to my proof! Voila! Perfect! I honestly couldn't wait to hang one next to my desk!
Now I needed a way to convey my holiday message, a mini package to "wrap" the magnet in. At first I had my heart set on some handmade paper, but after printing on it, I wasn't thrilled with the look, so I called on my good old standby, a nice vellum wrap.... Throw in some simple, delicate envelope design, and postage and here we go!!!

The cards mailed out on Friday, so now I can post the final pictures... See below for how to win one!

When the magnets arrived from Smartpress, I was incredibly excited to open up the package and complete the cards...

All packed up and ready to ship!

And now for how to win your own...

Quantities are limited so post soon! The first 6 readers to do any of the following will win a "May you find the SPARKLE in every day" magnet (with BLING!!!)

Ways to win:
*** You must... Leave a comment below and choose one of the following...
1. Tweet about Sparkle and Ink ** You must mention @sparkleandink **
2. "Like" us on Facebook (if you don't already) and leave a comment on our wall with a link to this post. 
3. Sign up for email updates from our blog.

Leave the method that you choose in your comment, and we will contact the winners to obtain mailing info so that we can mail your gift! (We would, will never, ever, ever, use the mailing info for anything else, we don't sell it, we don't keep it)

Alright, I don't know about you, but I'm ready to SPARKLIFY this holiday season! How are you adding some sparkle to your holiday? Did you send out holiday cards? Tangible cards or e-cards, what's your vote? 

Sparkle On!
 - Kathy

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  1. There is never too much glitter in the world! They make me smile just seeing the photo!