Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vermont in July - Part 1 - Ski Lift Ticket Save the Date

Welcome to part 1 of our 3 part series featuring this "Vermont in July" wedding. Jackie and Matt, an amazing couple, enlisted Sparkle and Ink to help create their vision, and carry out their love for Vermont. However, wanting to be married on Long Island, in July, they weren't sure just how to make it all come together. They are avid skiers and spend loads of time at their vacation home in Vermont, so  they knew that they wanted to bring that personal theme through to their wedding.

After meeting and chatting with both Jackie and Matt, we agreed that clearly snow covered mountains weren't a reality on Long Island in July, however, we were all comfortable with a theme of "Vermont in July" which is a beautiful time of year in Vermont. More details will be unveiled as parts 2 and 3 bring you their invitations, and photos from the event, but we wanted to take our readers through the experience that guests were treated to for this sparkly event.

.............So, we bring you part 1... SAVE THE DATE!!............

Jackie and Matt wanted something different. We tossed about ideas of magnets, something useful maybe? We came up with post-it notes, lots of thoughts, and then finally it hit. A lift ticket! With all of the information about the wedding date, and just a hint of that theme coming through. An added bonus... They had a great picture of the two of them skiing together. (**Note - names, photos, and event information have been changed on sample photos here to protect confidentiality).

Complete with an authentic (old school) wire wicket, these save the dates are made from paper stock that mimics actual lift tickets...

The QR code in the lower left hand corner allowed guests to scan with their smartphones and be directed to the couple's wedding website for loads of information about the couple and their event.

Jackie and Matt chose to have their lift ticket also function as a magnet. Hang it, stick it on the fridge, whatever works for you... just save that date!

For those, not as tech-savy guests, the wedding website was also written out on the bottom of the ticket. 

Neatly packaged into it's mailing envelope, these save the dates are a hit
 for mountain, winter, and ski-themed weddings.

More Vermont in July to come soon...
Stay tuned for Part 2 - Invitations
and Part 3 - The Event

Sparkle On!
 - Kathy

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