Friday, July 27, 2012

Shakespeare in Love Bridal Shower... Vintage Books, Vintage Bottles, Paper Flowers and Roses Abound

 For this bridal shower, I worked with both the mother of the bride, and the maid of honor to create a very personalized event. When we first started to think of ideas for the theme, there were so many great directions to choose from! Ideas flowed in all directions. Jackie, the bride has lots of interests and her mom and MOH wanted to create the perfect theme. I reassured them that no matter what theme we chose to represent the day, whether it was a clear theme, or theme colors, that Sparkle and Ink would carry it through both the invitations and decor, to create a great SPARKLING event.

When I saw the event space, it all came together, the dark preserved wood and high ceiling gave the feeling of a beautiful old library, and we headed in the direction of a vintage literature theme. The bride Jackie had been very involved in theater and continues her love of literature as a high school English teacher.

The invitations (to be posted separately) introduced the theme of "Shakespeare in Love" and featured the quote "Love comforteth like sunshine after rain" and were created from the pages of vintage books.

Following suit, the decor for the shower all featured red roses alongside vintage elements.
Guests were welcomed into the room by a small table setting which mirrored the centerpieces, and a seating chart featuring pages from vintage books, and paper flowers created from the same vintage materials.

Centerpieces were created from clusters of vintage books, silver goblets, a runner of vintage pages, red grapes and red roses. Mini-chalkboards led guests to their proper tables.

The room featured a grand staircase which I couldn't resist highlighting. By creating garlands of vintage paper flowers, the staircase became part of the decorative element as well. 

And of course... the Brides throne! Set in front of the beautiful fireplace.

To top off this fantastic themed event, the maid of honor thought of a great gift! Guests were invited to "make their own scent" at the perfume bar.

Event Design: Sparkle and Ink
Flower supplied by: Main Street Nursery - Huntington, NY
Venue: Nassau Country Club

Sparkle On!
 - Kathy


  1. Amazing bridal shower theme. Really liked everything. Want to have something great for my sister’s bridal shower at one of New York wedding venues. Have looked for many themes but haven’t found any elegant one. Hope to find one soon.

    1. Thanks for your comment, glad you liked the look that we created. Let us know if we can help with ideas! ~Kathy