Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Table Decor - Elegant, Fun and of Course...Sparkly!

 Easter is a fun holiday to decorate! You can put lots of colors together, in pastels and bolds, and even add a touch of sparkle and it all goes together to create a great holiday look! Plus, it means spring is on it's way...

Here's the Sparkle and Ink Easter decor for this year. Simple, colorful, and elegantly fun. And, yes, those are sparkly eggs that you see.
Mason jars hold cut flowers in a variety of bright spring colors. A little raffia bow completes the look.

Couldn't resist these sparkly egg candles, just a touch of sparkle to jazz it up a bit. Spring egg cups made the perfect holders!

 Here's the overview, all set and completed! We designed the napkins to sit like flowers. They are tied with a ribbon and and used as place cards. Each guest's name is written on the end of the ribbon.
Happy holidays to all, whatever holiday you are celebrating. 
Welcome spring and many beautiful tablescapes to come!
Sparkle On! - Kathy

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