Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day is Coming - Celebrate in Sparkling Style!

Photo collage courtesy of Brittany's Photography
Earth is so amazing and beautiful! Sparkle and Ink always tries to recognize those who are doing good things to help our planet and save it's precious resources, but even more so this weekend. Earth Day is this Sunday! What will you be doing to celebrate?

Maybe you didn't know that Earth Day was coming up... Maybe you always do your best to care for the earth... Maybe you really don't want to put any energy into caring for the earth that provides you with everything you need to stay alive (maybe then you should go read another blog)... Or maybe you just want a few ideas of little ways that you can celebrate Earth Day...

Whatever brings you here today, please spread the sparkle by doing something, anything, even small to help our earth. Here are some ideas to get started, and please, if you have other ideas, leave them in the comments section at the bottom to help others participate in the Earth Day love!

You can also go and post your "act of green" here at the Earth Day Website, where they are trying to reach a billion deeds!

If you follow my FaceBook page, you know that this week I discovered pens made from recycled bottles at Staples. Here's a tiny way to help out, buy a pen, it's 1 dollar, you can handle that, count your pennies... Turning plastic bottles into pens instead of loading them into landfills certainly helps the earth! The more that consumers support these types of products, the more we will see popping up!

Bag from One Bag at a Time
I know this is incredibly common in my area now, but reusable shopping bags are fantastic! Especially now that they make cute ones. Really, I get a little sick to my stomach when I see cashiers loading up 30 plastic bags filled with 3-4 items each. I mean really, when you get home, and have that huge wad of plastic, what do you do with it? I hope at least you re-use it in some way, if it goes into the garbage, then that's just sad. What a waste!
Reusable bags are sold everywhere, but in case you live under a rock, you can check out One Bag At a Time. They have tons of styles, weights and prices.

Trendy and responsible!
Look at this gorgeous board!
When I was out in California last year, I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Bob Carlson, the owner of Arbor. If you skateboard, snowboard, or just like awesome fashion, this is a company to check out. They focus on the goals of quality, combined with reduced environmental impact. Not only are their products incredibly cool, they are fantastic quality. My shirt from Arbor is one of my favorites, it's made from bamboo (highly sustainable) and adorable as well! My husband snowboards on an Arbor board, which is the most beautiful piece of craftsmanship, and he reports, an incredible board to ride. I'm personally hoping that Arbor heads east to NY sometime soon, but until then we'll keep ordering online. I'm linking to their "about" page so that you can read more about how impressive their philosophy is, but definitely explore around and maybe even buy yourself something. See, even shopping can help the earth!

You can help the planet in so many ways, from where you shop, to the way you shop, where you live, to the appliances and products that you use around your house, the list goes on and on. Most importantly, do a little research about the companies that you support. Choose ones that are environmentally responsible, and support them so that they can keep making a difference as well. Happy Earth Day everyone!

And remember... please share your Earth Day ideas, products, and thoughts below in the comments section.

Sparkle On
 - Kathy

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