Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Custom Designed Natural Invitations! A Grass Theme with Wood Grain Accents

Here's a look at one of the more recent designs that we've been working on at Sparkle and Ink...
Janeen is a beautiful bride who is designing her wedding around the gorgeous natural elements of the venue. She came to Sparkle and Ink with very definite, creative, and fun ideas of the elements that she wanted to incorporate into her invitations. 

We sat with Janeen, her fiancĂ© Roy, and her wonderful family, first for a brainstorming meeting, and again once the samples were designed. 
They were full of ideas, and the incredible finished product represents the great collaboration.

 Wood grain paper (brown), used as a layer behind the main invite card and the reply card, brings out the natural feeling of the entire suite. 
 The envelopment design allows information to be displayed and readily accessible by guests as needed. 
 During our first meeting, Janeen had expressed wanting the escort cards and invitations to appear as if they had been designed together, we worked with the design that she had in mind for the escort cards, to create that unified effect, all within the budget that she originally had planned.  
 The grass and nature theme is also pulled together with the reply cards. 
We wish Janeen and Roy a beautiful day for their wedding!
Sparkle On!
 - Kathy

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