Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Meaningful, Earth Conscious Favors - Another Way to Make Your Event Sparkle

After taking my daughter and her friends to see The Lorax this evening, I'm inspired. Sparkle and Ink is always looking for ways to help the earth, help people, and spread the sparkle. Well, this movie inspires! Such a cute message... Oh - and put Betty White in anything and I'm hooked. LOVE her!

So, inspired by the concept of giving back, how can we relate this to events? When throwing an event, favors are always hard to think of. There's nothing better than a favor that is both meaningful and that will leave a lasting memory. Of course a donation is always a well received, and meaningful gesture, but if you want guests to take something home...

Here are some creative, meaningful, ideas...

Ok, now prepare yourself... these reusable bags are not your average bags, they are fantastic! Two plus Two makes a variety of sizes, and great patterns and colors. Plus, they will create custom orders for your event! I'm LOVING these!! What a great, earth friendly gift for just about any occasion. I love bags, and can always think of a use for any size. I'm actually having a hard time deciding which size I want for myself (I think I love the mini ones).

The Green World Project has evergreen tree seeding favors. Their slogan says it all... "a gift that will be grown and not thrown". They have burlap wrapping for a more casual look, or fancier wrappings and bows. Guests are given the opportunity to plant a lasting memory of your event, and help the earth!

Mini terra-cotta seed pots are really cute for a shower. They could also function as place cards.

Along the same lines, for a beach themed soiree, beach theme place cards, double as plantable pieces.

These are great, and all ages/genders could enjoy this... A herb plant in a box... Favor Creative offers a wide array of herbs to choose from. This would be great paired with a recipe (highlighting the selected herb) tied to the box with a pretty bow that coordinates with the colors of the event. There is also a junior version, that is slightly less money than the larger version, and just as pretty!

I hope that you are as inspired as I am. If you have any other ideas for eco-concious favors, please share in the comments section.

Sparkle On!
 - Kathy

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