Saturday, March 3, 2012

Keep the Earth Sparkling...Adorable, Reusable, Coozies!

Clearly, being good to the environment is always a sparkly thing to do! So, checkout what I found...

We were out in Steamboat Colorado recently where they are incredibly environmentally conscious. I was very impressed with the holistic way that the entire ski-resort and town approaches recycling and reducing their carbon footprint. They recycle EVERYTHING!  While I was perusing the Truffle Pig Market, looking for a quick and healthy breakfast, I happened upon these great, hand made creations! They are the little protectors that keep your hands from getting too hot with those paper coffee cups, but they are homemade and reusable! (I think they are called Coozies)... Not to mention they are adorable.

Kudos to the lady who is making them. Apparently, she is a relative of one of the employees of this adorable little shop. While I don't have any direct contact info as of yet, I'm sure that you can contact the market and they will ship it to you. This is the link: Truffle Pig Market  and they had tons of patterns and colors.

Wouldn't this make a great hostess gift, with one of these reusable coffee mugs that looks like a to-go cup? Wrapped up cute and colorful.

Any other gift ideas for these? Share with us below...

Sparkle on!
 - Kathy

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