Sunday, February 12, 2012

Outrageous Sparkle to Start the Week

Here are a few items of outrageous, and completely fun sparkle to help get you through Monday! Also, at the end of this post I describe my latest sparkling conundrum, please help me solve it...

 I hope that your Valentine's week sparkles with friends and family, and loved ones. Enough talk, let's sparkle!

I'll begin with a tribute to this week's holiday! One of my favorites of the year (my grandfather used to make a really big deal out of it for us, and buy large cardboard hearts filled with jelly beans). So in honor of Valentine's Day, I bought cards, I bought books, and best of all... I bought a sparkly heart to hang in my dining room!

Thanks to Michael's, a store that I spend WAY too much time in, for indulging my craving for sparkle!

I have to thank Danielle, for contributing these sparkly makeup pics to today's post... 

Originally appearing in Real Simple Magazine, Danielle was so sweet to save them for me! I love when people send me sparkle!

Now... I need the help of my readers... A few weeks ago, my cousin M, posted this to my Facebook wall, letting me know that she had seen it and though of me (again, LOVE the thought)!

 So, I'm thinking to myself, wow... that really embodies all that I feel, and what Sparkle and Ink Stands for.  I then thought, WOW, I'd love some gear with that motto on it. Flash forward...
I'm now wondering to myself "ok, this is all coming from somewhere, and I WANT a keep calm and sparkle on T-shirt, or better yet, a tank top, or even a tote bag" Of course, I ran home and carried in an exhaustive internet search, which turned up very little. I really wanted something that not only said the phrase, but also had a little bling to it. I did find this shirt on a site called, so I think I'm getting close. <<<< Update... Gladditudes has contacted me and let me know that this shirt is GLITTER!!! Oh Happy day! I'll be ordering one ASAP!>>>>
But PLEASE, I beg you... if you know anything about the origin of these saying, or where they are being created, please let me know in the comments section below. I seemed to find lots of sites producing similar items, but where are the originals? Help me find the heart of the sparkle :)

Have a wonderful, sparkly Valentine's Day!!

 - Kathy

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