Friday, January 27, 2012

Love Is In Bloom

Coming up with new ideas and themes for parties is always fun! Here's a concept for a pink and green inspired bridal shower, baby shower, or just a spring party. This scheme could be adapted for so many different occasions! Instead of the pink gerber daisys (the only sample flowers I had avail when I took these pictures) I would prefer to see fresh hydrangeas, or a mix of white and pink flowers with lots of greens as well. I only created one place setting for this trial, but when you picture 8-12 of these around a table, you can imagine the colorful, and thematic feeling that would be created. I would also tie in similar designs on a buffet or dessert table. And, for a larger table, I would add in more vintage glass elements to hold a variety of height flowers. Oh - and OF COURSE! It's a must that the custom invitations will completely introduce this theme, subtly, but with the same colors, and... for a bridal shower, the sentiment... "love is in bloom".
Here are the details: 
Mason jars tied with pink patterned and green solid ribbon are used to hold a few blossoms each and set the floral scheme for the table. The same ribbons are carried throughout the elements of design to tie the colors together. A vine with light and dark pink berries brings color and creates a visual center to the table.

The floral scheme is brought to each place setting as well... Mini clay flower pots house 1 small blossom. However, the surprise is inside the pot! After the flower dies, there are supplies inside to plant a small forget-me-not plant. I'd use mini chalk board stakes to turn these into place cards as well. Again tied with the green ribbon to dress up the pot a bit. 

A pink flowered "placemat" eliminates the need for costly custom table linens, by creating visual excitement and tying in color on the table surface. 

 Vine napkin rings bring a subtle nature element to the forefront of the place setting. Striped napkins tie together the green and pink color scheme.

For a shower, a vintage box holds mini cards, where guests can use their creativity and the crayons, markers, pens or pencils (provided in box) to leave advice for the couple, or the parents to be.  A mini topiary tree holds the note explaining this (far right).

Hope that this adds a little sparkle to your day, it's a gloomy one here in NY, so thinking of flowers and spring is definitely helping my mood. What do you think? Tell me in the comments... Do you like the concept? Which elements would you use and for what?

Sparkle On!

- Kathy

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