Monday, November 21, 2011

A Sparkling Thanksgiving To All!!!

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Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love when my brothers, my husband, my daughter and I all converge on Mom and Dad's house for great laughs, relaxation and a Hostile Turkey Trot Competition. I'm also a naturally thankful person. I love to appreciate the little things in life and think about how lucky we are each day. It actually took my husband a while to get used to me telling him how happy I am to be with him, and how much I love him all the time. So, Thanksgiving is a day where I get to be as thankful as I am year round, and have an excuse to go share my thanks! This year, like most, I have many things to be thankful for. As Sparkle and Ink grows, so does my excitement and enjoyment of loving all of the little parts of doing what I do. Each day that I get involved with another job, or make another connection or partnership is exciting and fun.

Ok, enough mushy stuff and on to the good, fun, sparkly inspiration...

Thanksgiving is a naturally sparkly holiday.  Even the thought of arriving at my parent's house, awakens my senses with the aroma of a pumpkin spice Yankee Candle and the delicious smells of turkey, stuffing, and marshmallow sweet potatoes.

But what can you do this time of year to make your home and your Thanksgiving celebration sparkle? There are so many fun and beautiful possibilities. We would love to hear how you make your table, or thanksgiving as a whole sparkle. Leave us your ideas in the comments below! Here are our few little ways to help your thanksgiving celebration sparkle, whether you are hosting, or attending as a guest...

If you are Hosting...

Start with a stunning foundation... A table cloth in a fall hue, not a print, but a basic earth tone of orange, yellow, or even a muted brown. Maybe a nice, classic detail, but nothing too busy! Once you've set your foundation, decide how you'd like to accent it. For long (rectangle) tables, I recommend  3 central pieces to draw the eye in, and then accent pieces to complement those. Stick to one color scheme, but vary the heights of the elements that you use.

Preston Bailey had some great ideas for DIY centerpieces to "spice" up your table. These really bring in all of the great colors of fall. See the rest of his ideas here and how to create these beauties. I especially love the one with cranberries!
Preston's Creative Genius Takes on Thanksgiving Here

Aside from centerpieces, you can add sparkle to your table by placing a little goodie that serves as a decoration, but also a take-home treat for each guest. Here are a few ideas, and, if you like to have seating cards for your guests, these can be a great way to display them.

Chocolate turkey's from Godiva are my daughter's absolute favorite part of our thanksgiving table.  They are sparkly AND delicious!

These Pumpkin Patch Truffles, also from Godiva are adorable as well and would look great wrapped up in a little cellophane and tied with some festive colored ribbon. A great excuse to have ribbon on the table and add pizzaz that way! A little gift tag on each can identify each guest's seat.

If you are a Guest...

A nice hostess gift always helps you to sparkle as a guest. I recently received one of the best hostess gifts I've even gotten. It was from The Crushed Olive, a new gourmet olive oil shop in Huntington, NY. The basket had gourmet pasta, a delicious gourmet olive oil, and a great ceramic baking dish. They have loads of flavored olive oils and great gift options. I know you may not live in Huntington, but these shops are popping up in other areas as well. 

Depending on your relationship to the hostess and whether this is your first appearance, or if you are a regular at this particular Thanksgiving soiree, a gift that indulges the host/hostess is a great way to thank them for their hard work. A gift card for a massage, facial, or manicure/pedicure is a very thoughtful way to show your gratitude. 

Before I end this post. I have to throw in a couple of ideas for telling people that you love, how thankful you are for them. If you are going to see said people and you don't feel weird telling them your sincere thoughts, then go for it. Otherwise, how about sending a new Apple icard? Right from your smartphone, you can send a beautiful, personalized card. A quick, and beautiful letterpress card. Perfect for a spur of the moment "I was thinking of you" type of card. I am a HUGE fan of this convenience. My husband and I usually take turns driving as we shuffle between family parties, and in turn send out mass texts wishing out friends and families a happy Thanksgiving. This year, I am making a move to support the Post Office and will be sending a few text messages, but many more cards instead. 

So, please do share... What are you doing this year to make Thanksgiving sparkle?

Happy Turkey Day all!!

 - Kathy

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