Saturday, November 5, 2011

Creating Sparkle... Cleaning your Jewelry, Custom Jewelry, Bringing more Sparkle to your Life and Relationships

Hard to believe that it's been a month since my last post! APOLOGIES! Things in the world of sparkle have been very busy. Lots of creating is going on and many events are sparkling as a result. But, through and through, I wanted to share this time saver tip for keeping your jewelry (engagement and wedding rings especially) sparkling. The best way to clean your diamond jewelry is with a little dish soap and a tooth brush. I keep a toothbrush under my kitchen sink. When I have a few minutes in the kitchen, I use warm water, and a dot of dish soap and scrub a dub dub... Soap, lotion, hairspray, whatever buildup has accumulated washes away... Pristine clean and sparkle returns...

Custom Design Jewelry by Color

While on the topic of jewelry, Kendra Scott has a very elegant selection of unique jewelry. She also offers completely customizable pieces. So... Should you be looking for bridesmaid jewelry, or bridal jewelry, you can choose the colors of the stones to match your look! Mix this with great prices and we have a very exciting find. One to keep in mind through the holiday shopping season.

Ok, Jewelry isn't the only thing in our lives that needs to sparkle. Relationships do as well. Here's some inspiration for enjoying your loved ones every day:

 - Enjoy the good -  appreciate all of the little cute/wonderful/thoughtful things that your friends, family, or significant other does.
 - Address and then get rid of the bad - talk about issues, don't ignore them, then find ways to laugh about them, and move on! Don't let negativity hang around, it's just not productive or healthy for anyone.
 - Do fun things - Visit my prior post for great suggestions of fun activities to share and bond over.
 - Be the best you - when you are feeling great about yourself, it makes it a lot easier to do all of the above and appreciate those around you.

So, as we move toward the craziness of the holiday season (stores are already gearing up), harness your sanity, clean your jewelry, and focus on the sparkle in your life, and creating more wherever you go.

Sparkle on!
- Kathy

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