Friday, September 2, 2011

Hurricane Wedding Crasher - Or.. How to Enjoy Your Wedding No Matter What and Sparkle!

Ok… After dreaming about this post, and working on it on a dying laptop through the blackout, and then running to any power source (including the hospital) to charge up, I’m finally back to the living and connected life, and here’s the question that separates the brides from the bridezillas…
How on earth, in the midst of a natural disaster, do you have an event, enjoy that event, and survive?
After leaving Home Depot (pre-Irene) and seeing the complete obliteration of sandbags, batteries, flashlights, and all other storm supplies, and then watching businesses board and tape up their windows, my heart went out to all brides planning their weddings for this past weekend. Yes, that’s right, the entire North Eastern United States braced itself, and was hit by, a gigantic hurricane. What if you were planning one of the biggest events of your life for this weekend?
There are a host of issues, and bridezillas get ready, because you could yell, and kick, and scream about any or all of the following… Guests who can’t get in from out of town, venues being evacuated or closed, outdoor ceremonies rendered completely unviable (even with a tent which could potentially blow away or injure guests), floods, limos who refuse to show up (that issue just posted on twitter by a traumatized bride),  out-of-town guests that cannot come into town, hotels and lodging that closes… and the list goes on.

So, how can you continue to sparkle (and not let your inner bridezilla take over)? Well, always remember rule number 1… The whole point of a wedding is to enjoy your new partner, your families and your friends… I know, I know, “shut up” - that is so much easier said than done during a crisis! So, here are some suggestions and pictures from Lisa Boggs Photography to show that you can make the best of things when a natural disaster crashes your party…

First, you need to decide what about your wedding is important to you... If you cannot live without the wedding of your dreams, exactly the way that you planned it, then try to reschedule. Over the weekend, I heard stories of brides who WERE able to do this, and horror stories of those who were NOT, and were told “sorry, your deposit is gone” (which makes a great case for wedding insurance).

If you CAN be flexible, then try to come up with a way to make the best of things. For example, if the entire area where your event was planned is in an evacuation, how about putting guests on a bus and heading out of town? What’s more fun and romantic (plus creates great memories for all) than an impromptu road trip? While finding someone to marry you in an alternate location may be an issue, it’s possible. Vendors could be offered the opportunity to be flexible as well, for example, how about taking the flowers with you, or keeping the credit with the florist for a future event (an awesomely floral baby shower?). Or, if you have many guests at one hotel, how about bringing the party there? Even in a blackout, being together with your guests could make for great experiences!  This couple has the right idea, if the lights go out, candles make for great ambiance!!! Sparkly quote = “If the lights go out – and power - we’ve got candles on all of the tables”

So, on to the proof... Lisa Boggs did a great job of showing how sparkly this bride is, despite the downpour. How sparkly is this bride? Not even in the dress yet, and shining under her pink umbrella! Amazing!

And yellow raincoats!!! That's prepared...

Creative photography to show the fun, and worry free nature of this crew

These memories will last forever!!

An aside…My husband was adorable when I posed the same question to him… We were walking into Huntington to have a nice “Pre-Irene” cocktail hour, which quickly became 6 hours, while we observed the surrounding stores and residents preparing for the "attack".  I asked, "what would you have done if our wedding was planned for this weekend?" Mind you – our wedding was on Fire Island, accessible only by ferry from Long Island, and completely evacuated prior to Irene. We lucked out with a great day, but what if…? He responded: “we’d have gotten everyone together either by car or bus, and gone somewhere west of here. We’d have still had a great party.

So, in the end. Even though this is a day that you plan and plan and plan some more for, when plans have to change,  sparkly people roll with it.  Be inspired. 

Photos courtesy of Lisa Boggs Photography! Great job sparkling!!!

I'd love to hear more suggestions, what would you do if your event was about to be "crashed" by a natural disaster!

 - Kathy

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