Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Day of Remembrance, Turning Bad to Good, Making Lemonade, Finding Your Inner Sparkle and Sharing It with Others

Let's get it out there - today is a day that leaves me completely speechless. It's sensitive in so many ways and on so many levels, that it's difficult to say the date without shuttering a little bit. Each year goes by, and still, it doesn't get any easier to confront, or even conceptualize the events of 9-11-01. However... Our fearless leader (POTUS) President Obama has taken the lemons that were hurled at our country 10 years ago today and squeezed the tiny bit of lemonade that he could muscle out of them. By declaring this "Patriot Day" a national day of service and remembrance, he has asked the country to honor those who were lost and affected by this tragedy, and to move forward in making the world a better place. So, in honor of Patriot Day and the spirit of 9-11. I would like to focus today's post on ways to harness your inner sparkle, while passing it on to others.

Our first stop on the road of giving, takes us to Toms. A company that you may or may not have heard of, and probably have seen others walking around in their very comfortable, earth and animal friendly products. Not only are they conscious of their footprint, they have a commendable give-back program. For every pair of shoes that you purchase, they give a pair to a child in need. What's better than that you ask? Well... hold on to your hats boys and girls... they have some ADORABLE styles. Wedges, patterns, and wait, what's that? Sparkles? Oh yeah! Not to mention a fairly wallet friendly price considering what you are getting.  Check out these sparkly wonders...

 And...... Yes..... There is a Wedding Line!

Wedding Link
So while you are celebrating your special day, or even at the after party, as you don your fabulous sparkly comfy shoes, and Mrs ________ rhinestone tank, you can take a deep breath and know that you also helped a child in need own a new pair of shoes.  They also have a fabulous selection of sunglasses, and should you desire glamour in this way as well, you will be sending a pair of eyeglasses to a child who would not otherwise be able to afford them.
Be sparkly while helping others. Making lemonade....

Our next stop, well, honestly, I couldn't choose one! There are TONS of companies that provide these Buy 1/Give 1 offers. Here are a few...

The Company Store - Buy one comforter, one is donated to a homeless child.

Better World Books - Working toward the literacy for all initiative, Better World Books donates a book. Textbooks are available here as well! They also take donations of books to help raise money for libraries to grow worldwide. Socially AND environmentally friendly!

Baby Theresa - While you are sparkling in your new comfy Toms, your baby can sparkle in their adorable Baby Theresa onesie. Awww..... That's right, buy one for your child, or give one as a gift and Baby Theresa donates one to a baby in need of clothing. Now that's a gift that keeps on giving.

One Million Lights - for those of us who went running to the stores in preparation for hurricane Irene, and were left without power for a (relatively) short amount of time... Imagine those who live without power for extended amounts of time, or are never blessed with such convenience. One Million Lights will donate one large solar powered LED light for each that you purchase. Stock up now, and help those who need light.

Now, of course giving doesn't have to mean getting. So if you feel so inspired, go ahead and donate to your favorite cause! But, should you need or want to purchase any of the above products for yourself, share your inner sparkle with others by giving back at the same time.

As this day of remembrance and service comes to a close, let's turn our sadness into action. In your lives and businesses, I hope that you find some inspiration in the ways that we can use our sparkles to help others. Please share, what other ways have you given back, or paid it forward recently?

In solidarity and remembrance NYC!

 - Kathy

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